Draadloze dubbele UHF pro microfoon set

  • Draadloze dubbele UHF pro microfoon set
  • Draadloze dubbele UHF pro microfoon set

Set van 2x Draadloze UHF microfoons.
Per microfoon is het volume regelbaar.
Geschikt voor professioneel gebruik.

With multiple frequencies, as well as dual receivers and transmitters with a range of up to 250 feet, Gemini’s UHF-216 wireless systems provide clear sound reproduction over sixteen selectable frequencies to ensure optimal transmission with no interference.

Available in two versatile configurations, Gemini’s UHF-216 systems offer a solution for nearly any application, whether you’re performing as a lead singer, making a presentation, DJing a wedding or leading a fitness class.  Both systems include two single-channel transmitters operating on different frequencies that transmit to dual receivers housed in one unit.  There’s even individual level control for each channel.

The UHF-216M includes two handheld unidirectional dynamic microphone transmitters that provide professional audio reproduction thanks to high-sensitivity cardioid capsules.  Special noise-absorption components within the barrels of the microphones also eliminate switch shock and handling noise, giving your performance that seamless audio clarity you crave.

Using Phase Locked Loop (PLL) circuitry to prevent phasing issues that plague other wireless systems, the receivers also boast LED indicators for Power and Channel, along with rotary Volume control for each channel.  Plus, Channel Selector Pins on the receivers and transmitters allow you to set the desired frequency quickly and easily.  And for convenient control over your audio, the microphone transmitters and belt pack transmitters also feature Mute switches, allowing you to swiftly silence the audio signal when you don’t want your vocals heard.

Offering faithful sound reproduction and reliable operation in a variety of settings and situations, Gemini’s UHF-216 series gives you the power to elevate your performance with total freedom of mobility.

Instelbare frequenties:

CH 1 CH 2 CH 3 CH 4 CH 5 CH 6 CH 7 CH 8 CH 9 CH 10 CH 11 CH 12 CH 13 CH 14 CH 15 CH 16
682.35 MHz 683.25 MHz 683.85 MHz 684.85 MHz 685.75 MHz 686.6 MHz 687.5 MHz 688.75 MHz 690.1 MHz 690.75 MHz 691.5 MHz 692.5 MHz 693.6 MHz 694.85 MHz 695.7 MHz 697.1 MHz

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